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We work to ensure equality of access for all teachers on our qualifications to training and development opportunities, both on subject related and pedagogic training. Effective school leaders are central to the development of excellence in schools. This four-day enrichment workshop will introduce many of the key responsibilities of a school leader, helping new leaders to develop their skills and develop their personal vision for what effective schools look like. We have produced a series of resources to support the teaching and learning in your school.

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They explore different aspects of educational practice, from designing a curriculum to improving the quality of classroom activity. Home Why choose us Support for schools Support for schools.

Support for principals and heads Our regular events for principals and teachers give you the opportunity to build up a strong community of Cambridge schools in your country and internationally. Support for teachers We provide comprehensive support to help teachers deliver our programmes and qualifications successfully in the classroom.

Support for exams officers Without exams officers it would be impossible to run and administer our exams successfully, so we ensure they have everything they need to run the process as smoothly as possible.

Marketing support We provide free marketing support resources for open days or parents' evenings at your school, including posters, PowerPoint presentations, logos, a template press release and photos. Professional development and training We are committed to delivering training and professional development through a number of routes to ensure maximum availability of support for teachers in all countries where our specifications are delivered. School leadership development Enrichment Professional Development workshop - Developing your leadership with Cambridge: An introduction Effective school leaders are central to the development of excellence in schools.

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Resources and guides We have produced a series of resources to support the teaching and learning in your school. Implementing the curriculum with Cambridge — practical advice on designing, developing, implementing and evaluating your curriculum Developing your school with Cambridge — focusing on classroom-level activity, guidance on improving the quality of teaching and learning in your school.

Education briefs — a close look at important themes in education, including active learning, bilingual education and assessment for learning. Getting started with… - Building on our education briefs, these guides introduce and develop areas of teaching and learning practice, and provide new ideas and approaches that link theoretical understanding with practical classroom application.

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Cambridge School Leader and Teacher Standards — a range of key characteristics and practices that we believe should be shown by effective school leaders and Cambridge teachers. Principals engage alongside other staff in an inquiry team to lead school improvement through an action research process.

Participating in this process is a powerful learning experience for principals and positions principals as co-learners with their staff. As principals lead the inquiry team and the school-wide improvement efforts over multiple years, they will see and be able to provide evidence of their own professional growth as reflective pedagogical leaders who use data to drive planning and improvement.

We also offer the following more formal professional development opportunities for principals and school leaders, led by NSI Partnerships facilitators. The session helps the leadership team to start formulating ideas and plans concerning how the data might be used. Qualitative information is important to help to understand and explain the results of the surveys quantitative data.

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You have just been appointed a building principal. what is really going on in you building is to be in very classroom as often as practical. More Practical Advice for Principals [Albert Lee] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Here is an overview of how to get started as a principal.

An NSI Partnerships facilitator leads the collection of qualitative data during a staff meeting, facilitating staff in explaining the responses for and ways to improve different scales. We then analyse the qualitative information and report the findings back to school leaders.

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Principals can join with teacher-leaders in this half-day workshop led by an NSI Partnerships facilitator , which aims to build leadership capacity at the school. During the workshop, participants look at literature on professional learning communities and explore practical strategies to empower and engage teachers in professional learning and action research. During the workshop, leaders learn about and practice effective coaching skills. Principals can also benefit from participating in the professional development sessions we offer for teachers and teacher-leaders.

Professional Development for Principals.

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