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Physics and chemistry of nuclear fuel (PANCHO)
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The Laschamp event ended between and years ago. In several other parts of the world, excursions of the Earth's magnetic field have been seen at about this time interval, but at other parts, notably in the Aegean sea, there is no evidence for a reversal or excursion of the field during this time.

Areal Coverage of Spurious Reversals of the Earth's Magnetic Field

By using a two dipole model, we have shown that it is possible to produce an apparent reversal at one point on the Earth's surface, which produces deviations in the direction of the magnetic field over a rather small area around the position of reversal. The two dipoles used were a centered axial dipole to model the main magnetic field, and a dipole located at the top of the core, to produce the reversed field above it.

Our models show that the data from the Aegean sea are not contradictory with the Laschamp event provided that it is a pseudo reversal. We have also shown that if the non-dipole field is caused by horizontal electric currents at the top of the core, then pseudo reversals are more likely to occur at high latitudes than at low latitudes. Earth, Planets and Space. Already have an account? Login in here.


The centre-of-mass energy of the colliding system is thus varied in small increments tracing out an excitation function. For some isotopes each K-quantum number gives rise to a parity doublet of bands with two signs of the signature. Barkai, Y. Maley, P. Kroha, G. The first term of the angular momentum integral corresponds to the spin angular momentum while the second term gives the orbital angular momentum. Jacholkowska, M.

Journal of geomagnetism and geoelectricity. Journal home Journal issue About the journal. Cappelli, L.

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Our Ignorance About Gravity

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Studies of quantum chromodynamics with the ALEPH detector

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FCC Physics Opportunities

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