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This morning, Elevate and the Washington County Heroin Task Force held a roundtable breakfast discussion about ending the heroin epidemic.

Some lawmakers attended and spoke about their efforts, while others worked on pushing an act through the state Legislature. Wisconsin U.

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One drug in particular, fentanyl, is raising alarm. It is a highly abused substance and frequently used when people relapse, but with its potency and increasing prevalence of being sold as heroin, fentanyl is at the heart of the drug epidemic. It is presently classified as a Schedule II controlled substance for its use in cancer treatment, but outside of medical supervision it has catastrophic effects. Companies have been modifying fentanyl, Krepich said, just enough to resell it, but with the same addictive, harmful properties.

The Drug Enforcement Administration temporarily has a scheduling authority set to expire in February without congressional action, which could lead to an increase in harmful fentanyl lookalikes. Ron Johnson, R-Oshkosh, partnered to address the growing issue.

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On May 22 the two reintroduced companion versions of the Stopping Overdoses of Fentanyl Analogues SOFA Act, aimed at curbing the opioid epidemic by prohibiting new fentanyl variants on the market. Sensenbrenner said this problem has grown too large to ignore, and now it is on Congress to act. Timothy Westlake for working together to put forward this act. It also provides options to police, Johnson said, many of whom feel their hands are tied and are reacting to the issue, rather than being proactive.

Police need to be able to stay ahead of the drugs, Krepich said, and those who turn to them. It would work to close the loophole by 19 nineteen fentanyl lookalikes to the Schedule I list, Krepich said, and gives the DEA the power to immediately schedule new drugs similar to fentanyl as they are discovered. On Thursday from to 9 a. There are areas of strength in prevention now, she said, which will be addressed and built on.


While law enforcement cannot ignore the fact a crime has been committed, there are different reactive methods on their end. But for prevention to be more effective, it comes down to the community member level. Rick Gundrum, R-Slinger talking about a proposed bill, and a member of the Hartford Police Department explaining compliance checks and other measures taken by law enforcement.

The roundtable will take place at Terrace , Highway , Richfield. County expands anti-opioid fight Offers new treatment program for women, their affected families By Darryl Enriquez - Special to Conley Media May 14 , WAUKESHA — An expanded fight against opioid abuse with an emphasis on women will launch in Waukesha County based on the success of its prescription drug overdose program, which has saved 88 lives since its inception in Waukesha County Paul Farrow announced the new program to an audience of more than 50 at a Monday morning news conference.

Waukesha County officials announce a new program to combat opioid abuse and tout the success of a lifesaving measure already in place. The county recently committed to supporting an inpatient drug treatment center for women. The draft currently is being reviewed by the state and its academic partners. An injection of naloxone counters the overdose effects of opioids, especially heroin. The program distributes naloxone to those who are trained through the program.

Nearly opioid overdose education trainings were conducted to date for 3, people, and 2, naloxone kits were distributed free of charge through the program. The next training session is to p. Jump for Archie slated for Wednesday in Oconomowoc. Robertson said his most vivid memory of the program was of a person who received training and a naloxone kit at a Jump for Archie anti-drug event. A week later, that person used the naloxone to save a life, he said.

The 5th annual Jump for Archie to combat rising opioid use will begin at 5 p. Wednesday at City Beach in Oconomowoc, W. Wisconsin Ave.

The event will recognize the life-saving efforts of emergency responders and provides training on the use of naloxone. The event honors Archie Badura, who died of an overdose at On the day of his burial, family members jumped into water fully clothed in his memory, letting Archie know his death would not be in vain.

His family later started the Jump for Archie to highlight opioid dangers and the toll addiction takes on families. Residential care facility for treating drug addicts approved Also plan to fund new drug enforcement unit member in City of Pewaukee By Darryl Enriquez - Special to Conley Media April 24 , The measure means local women will no longer need to seek in-patient addiction treatment outside of Waukesha County, according to officials from the Waukesha County Department of Health and Human Services.

Lutheran Social Services, a not-for-profit agency, runs other county human service programs, such as older adult services, housing and homelessness. The facility will be available to both genders seeking medically monitored treatment or less restrictive transitional care for chemical dependency. Men and women will have separate entrances, dining and living areas. The county wants the center operational before the end of the year.

Clients will be referred from courts and hospitals.

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Patients can also check themselves in. In other action, the board made a new weapon available in the fight to curb the opioid epidemic in Waukesha County and specifically the City of Pewaukee. The new position will develop opioid investigations in the city and the greater Waukesha County area.

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County Supervisor Chuck Wood praised city officials for funding a new member of the drug unit. Moorland Blvd. When asked if there was a rise of overdoses in the City of Pewaukee, Klein said there appears to be more cases as of late. Waukesha County: Opioid crisis, foster home shortage leading to more sibling separation By Cara Spoto March 21 , WAUKESHA — An ongoing shortage of foster homes, coupled with the continued challenges posed by the opioid crisis, had led to an increasing number of Waukesha County siblings being separated while in foster care, Waukesha County Health and Human Services officials say.

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PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Red-Handed: Busting the Real Story of Lisa Moore's Caught file PDF Book only if . [PDF] Red-Handed: Busting the Real Story of Lisa Moore's Caught by Mike Landry. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and.

Currently, seven sets of siblings from the county, a total of 18 children, are living apart from each, according to the department. Part of the problem, said Michelle Lim, foster care and shared services supervisor for Waukesha County HHS, is that opioid addiction has a longer period of recovery and a higher rate of relapse, so kids are staying in foster care for a longer amount of time.

The crisis has contributed to the number of child abuse and neglect reports in Waukesha County trending upward in recent years. The county now sees an average of 2, reports annually. While the county has several great foster parents, the demand for foster care is currently exceeding the number of homes available to children in need, officials said. In most cases, children in Waukesha County stay in foster care for a year, but in rare cases they may need to stay for two years or more. The situation has the county putting out a call to those interested in becoming a foster parent.

Information about being a foster parent can be found at www. Community donations to a drug treatment program have a much greater impact than helping pay the bills, said Mary Simon, executive director of Elevate, Inc. The community is financially supporting the program and they are rooting for them as well. Submitted photo.

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The money will be used for the establishment of a treatment court in Washington County. The county chapter was started by Ruth Henkle, executive director of the Albrecht Free Clinic and four friends, most of who have participated in similar groups. Because the group only meets quarterly for no more than one hour, it is an opportunity to meet like-minded people and make a large impact without volunteering countless hours, Henkle said. Another benefit is an opportunity to learn more about nonprofit organizations that serve county residents, she said.

Although members are not solicited to become volunteers at the organizations they support, information will be provided if requested, she said. New members are welcome to join the group. Main St. Social time starts at p. For more information, contact Henkle at ruth. Enriquez - Special to Conley Media Feb. Lutheran Social Services, a much-used nonprofit for other county human service programs, has applied to create the center for the program, which it would eventually run. The agency already runs a number of programs for the county, such as older adult services, housing and help for the homeless.

The residential care facility would be available to both genders seeking medically monitored treatment or less restrictive transitional care for chemical dependency, Setzer said. An ordinance to approve the money and strike a contract with Lutheran Social Services will be coming in March, Setzer said. The county wants to have clients in the center before the end of the year. Clients would originate from court and hospital referrals or those who check themselves in, Kettler said.

Although the center would serve both men and women, they would have separate entrances, dining and living areas, he said. Clients would be classified in two different categories, but would live under one roof. The transitional care facility for day stays is for patients who can go in and out of the center to do job searches, take care of personal matters and attend step recovery counseling, Kettler said. The county is expected to have about eight clients a day at the residential center. The agency would find other clients to fill remaining beds, Setzer said.

The local facility also allows families of the addicted to be close to loved ones, and encourages the growth of support systems, he said. Committee member Kathleen Cummings said the most convincing need for the Waukesha- based center is that its long-range services will be available to Waukesha County women, keeping them close to home. The program is in the 18th month of its tenure, operating at near capacity. Geena Laabs, who had her case dismissed Wednesday after successful completion of the program, is the eighth person to graduate.

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There are scores more who are enrolled and continue to make progress with their treatment while others have discontinued the program. The program amounts to a paradigm shift for some in the area. Traditionally, individuals charged with possession of a controlled substance, absent a valid prescription, will be prosecuted and if convicted, face a host of potential punishments, including fines and incarceration.