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To tell the story, Williams turned to the epistolary novel, a genre that was new to him, transforming and transcending it just as he did the western in Butcher's Crossing and the campus novel in Stoner. Augustus is the final triumph of a writer who has come to be recognized around the world as an American master.

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View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Review : "The finest historical novel ever written by an American.

He uses an epistolary format, and in the end all these voices, like a collage, meld together around the main character. In other words, people are buying several dozen or more books at a time. Does this mean something a little weird is going on?

The Greatest American Novel You’ve Never Heard Of

The method by which the New York Times compiles its list of best sellers is shrouded in as much mystery as the recipe for Coca Cola or the number of licks to the center of a Tootsie Pop. The sales venues for print books include national, regional and local chains representing tens of thousands of storefronts; many hundreds of independent book retailers; scores of online and multimedia entertainment retailers; supermarkets, university, gift and big-box department stores; and newsstands.

Because people do try to manipulate the list. A lot. The most recent public scamming strategy was carried out by the author of Handbook for Mortals , Lani Sarem.

As some consolation, the book was eventually removed from the bestseller list. How did Lani Sarem get on the list?

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These daggers are important to watch, because they indicate that someone is paying a lot of money to make sure books such as The Empire State by the political commentator Jerome R. He had conceived wisdom, and at the end of the long years he had found ignorance.

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Now, that is given to hardly any editor, anywhere, anytime. Offline, in places like Brooklyn, fans pack in-store events as much to meet authors and translators as to talk with like-minded readers. No, I did not ever request for a title change and I'd have preferred it to include their children's and newer books too. In , Britain's The Guardian deemed the Review "scholarly without being pedantic, scrupulous without being dry". Today, A Meaningful Life is "selling like hotcakes," Davis says. In my own experience working at a bookstore this was true. I start telling people about pre-war Romania and they think I'm nuts, but I'm not!!

Stoner realizes at the last that he found what he sought at the university not in books but in his love and study of them, not in some obscure scholarly Grail but in its pursuit. His life has not been squandered in mediocrity and obscurity; his undistinguished career has not been mulish labor but an act of devotion. He has been a priest of literature, and given himself as fully as he could to the thing he loved.

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Its last image is of the book falling from lifeless fingers into silence. The novel embodies the very virtues it exalts, the same virtues that probably relegate it, like its titular hero, to its perpetual place in the shade.

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It endures, illumined from within. Tim Kreider is an essayist and cartoonist.